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HappyWay gives businesses a quick and easy way to instantly connect and engage with visitors and locals in real time.

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⭐ Here's how HappyWay helps you engage with the right customers in seconds.

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Get matched instantly with customers who want to hear about you and what you do, based on their interests.

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Get your business listed on the Map to ‘quick link’ customers directly to your business in seconds.

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Share free updates, blogs, playlists and posters, and direct your paid ads to the right customers.

Get Results

Celebrate as the word spreads for free 24/7 through playlists,share buttons, calendar links and more!

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Put your brand at the heart of unforgettable experiences.

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Our Story

Happyway is a Nelson, BC startup making it easier for everyone to get out, have a good time, and connect with others near and far. Our mission is to to innovate new ways for communities to connect, share and learn from each other.

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